As our EJES Read-A-Thon comes to a close our students have read for 62,174 minutes. That's 1036 hours or 53 days of reading when you add all of the time up. Our top readers have been battling back and forth and it really came down to nearly a photo finish with Annie Fogle in Ms. Dressler's 4th grade class in first place with 2013 minutes and Calleigh Reasner from Mrs. Lauver's 5th grade class following just behind her with 1948 minutes read. We are so proud of our young Tigers and all of their accomplishments this year in our Read-A-Thon. 

Our top readers by grade level are as follows:

Kindergarten: Nina Barber 1,370 min.

Grade 1: Alyssa Mosebey 394 min. 

Grade 2: Leilani Heffley 545 min.

Grade 3 Siobhan Cameron 589 min.

Grade 4 Annie Fogle 2,013 min.

Grade 5 Calleigh Reasner 1,948 min.

Grade 6 Elysia Lopez 826 min.

Mrs. Lauver’s homeroom led the way with 6374 minutes read. Ms. Dressler's class came in a  close second with 6001 minutes, and Mrs. Yetter's class is in 3rd with 4518 minutes read.

Mrs. Elsasser's homeroom class is currently leading the way in sponsor support. In 2nd is Mrs. Ocker’s class and third through sixth place are all very close with Mrs. Billman, Mrs. Haines,  Mrs. Yetter,  and Mrs. Lauver classes all battling for that 3rd place spot.  Donations can still be received through the end of the day on October 23rd. 

Our students who received the most sponsor support at this time  is Bodie Bassler followed in second by Lucy Haines and third by Jemma Davis.