We are so proud of our Tigers and how well they are doing in our Read-A-Thon.  So far students have read 48372 minutes. That's 806 hours and also equal to 33.5 days of reading in all. Our top readers are Calleigh Reasner in Mrs. Lauver's 5th grade class who has read 1900 minutes and in a close 2nd place is Annie Fogle in Mrs. Dressler's class who has read 1589 minutes. 

Mrs. Lauver’s homeroom is leading the way in minutes read with 4939 minutes and Ms. Dressler's class is in a  close second with 4805 minutes.   Mrs. Elsasser's homeroom class is leading the way in sponsor support.  Thank you for all of your support in donations  and most importantly helping our students in becoming better readers.