In a race to get the answer of ‘24,’ our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students took the challenge of using their quick math skills to add, subtract, multiply and divide to be among one of the “Math 24” finalists that will go on to compete this coming Friday at the regional competition. This may sound foreign to you, and to the staff watching over their concentrated students, it does too. This competition began in the TIU around 2017, though the competition has taken a break since covid. This year, our students are back and ready to contend.

Students gathered around tables last Thursday to put their skills to the test. After many months of practice - most teachers having started these practices around Christmas - students were able to show what they know! Using randomized cards with 4 different numbers, students race against their peers to be the first to use their operations to get those numbers to equal.. You guessed it - 24. There are 3 rounds per grade level, and our students did amazing! We would like to congratulate our students and also say a big thank you to the high school students who came to help proctor, as well! Below is a list of our advancing students - we wish them luck as they travel to compete on Friday against others in our region!

6th Grade

  • Cadence Austin

  • Hayley Cramer

  • Jonathan Hoffman

  • Piper Jamison

  • Mazie Neimond

  • Aubrie Price

  • Quinn Reichenbach

  • Dante Sanders

  • Aubrey Shearer

  • Cloe Snook

  • Charles Tabb

  • Emmett Weiand

5th Grade

  • Elsie Brubaker

  • Aubrey Fogle

  • Mavrick Hayes

  • Garrett Kerstetter

  • Javon Kerstetter

  • Andrew King

  • Ethan Leister

  • Avery Mitchell

  • Riley Otten-Colven

  • Miranda Rapp

  • Ian Rickenbaugh

  • Acea Spade

4th Grade

  • Lincoln Apple

  • Noah Howard

  • Trevor Lopez

  • Zander Messimer

  • Austin Phillips

  • Carter Todd